There will NOT be a game on JULY 4th Happy 4th of July - Celebrating OUR INDEPENDENCE from a King!  
see you July 9th for a advanced beginner lesson!
Your Directors!

Wednesday 3 July 2024!  A lovely, warm day for this game with 4 and a half tables!  We had a 9 Round Howell Movement with 3 boards a round.   Roger and Connie joined us today to see old friends. (Really we aren't all that OLD!**??  The Pair that came in first was Mary Lynn and Claire with a 64.58%, followed by Bill and Jack, and Audrey and Carolyn who were very close in scores: then Connie and Roger!  Congratulations to all of you!  You all are great players!   Thank you for coming.  Have a wonderful 4th!  Wasn't hand 3 Great  7 Spades!  I do not see that you would actually bid it.  The partners both had a void so everything worked out fine!  Board 8 you can think about bidding a small slam!

See you next week!


 Tuesday July 2 2024

We had 5 full tables for our Pupil Game after our lesson on what to expect in a sanctioned ACBL game.

Our big winners today were Melissa and Christopher Again! They are starting to make a habit of this! Second and third included two of our recent members, Bill Zannini and Bill Swett.  Bill Z. came in second with Jean Lanham and Bill S. came in third with John Safford.

Next week we will go over how to prepare your convention card for play in a sanctioned game.  See you then!--Carl