Thursday Open Game 22 February 2022

We had a very fine 5 table Howell movement today even though there was a lot of noise with the construction.  Congratulations to Carl/Joyce with a very fine 60.3% game.  Gordon/Mary were first in the B strat and John/Nancy were first in the C strat.

You all have heard about the confusion we are experiencing with Dave's retirement. The good news is that Carl stepped up to run the Tuesday game and lesson next week and Suzanne will be running the Wednesday game so we will continue to offer a wide range of bridge games. We have stopped using the time clock at least for now.  I am away with my family this weekend visiting my parents in SC so I will not be back until late Tuesday evening. Have fun!

Carl Wikstrom will be teaching and directing next Tuesday's session.

Suzanne Sayer will be directing next Wednesday's fun game.

All the boards are already prepared and waiting for you.

Please be patient as we go through this sudden transition. Of course we will have some changes. We are going to stop using the time clock for now. We will use an easy Mitchell movement on Tuesday's game and our standard Howell movements for our Wednesday game (using table mats which tell you which table and direction to move to each round).  We will also be using standard scoring sheets since this reduces costs and saves a ton of time.  We will be using just one set of boards, In all movements the boards just move down one table each round. The price will be changing to $7 for every session. This will allow us to pay and incentivize the directors for their valuable time and knowledge.

Once again, I ask for your patience as we go through this change. We all love this game and working together we will find a way to make this work, so it is not too hard for any one person.