Wednesday 17 April 2024  Bridge FUN day & it was Sunny out

Today we had a full 6 table Howell movement where all but 3 couples got to play each other. The First place goes to Dave and Zelda!  Well done!  Next Penny and Rick, then Hildy and Margie and Mary Lynn and Claire We had a complaint that there were too many slam and 2 Club hands?  So we need to learn cue bidding?  You all did very well despite me hurrying you along.  I don't know if its better to hurry all of you along or tell someone to go home and then have a long sit out. 

Please when you sit down LOOK to see that you are in the correct direction.  We had a couple of hands that were NO PLAYS because the wrong people played them and it was not fair to their opponents or frankly the others in the group.

I hope you had a good time!  See you next week!

Your assistant director,