Thursday Open Game 4 January 2024

Today we had a very nice 6 table Howell movement directed by Carl. Things went smoothly except for the 3 late plays which we decided to play, and did add extra work for the director.  Directors have a difficult time deciding how to run the game when some players are slower than the rest - we do not like to take boards away, but there are always some people who are anxious to see their results and get home.

Roslyn and Brent helped Roslyn make a grand exit with a big win before she heads down to Florida for the winter. Congratulations also to Roger/Connie for a first place B stratification win.  I am also happy to see Pat and Louise finish first in the C stratification and for Linda/Nancy to earn points before Linda heads south for the winter.

Thank you everyone for a fun day and a good start to the new year.