Tuesday Lessons Pupil Game

 The pupil game begins after a short break from the lessons. We play duplicate bridge with 18 boards (hands) which usually takes about 2 1/2 hours or so. The game itself is supervised by a director, but the instructor is also available to assist as necessary. 

 The game is only open to regular attendees. Students may occasionally miss a game due to a scheduling problem or a flat tire, but otherwise they attend the lessons. The other condition is that all students must play in accordance with the lessons. You may have other conventions that you like or hear about new conventions, but everyone must be on the same page. If not, you will be deemed to have graduated to Intermediate. 

The cost of this game is included with the preceding lesson. For more information, contact the instructor, Carl Wikstrom at (501)416-8305 or cvwikstrom@gmail.com.  Learn more about Carl by clicking here