Hello Bridge Players,

We had a pretty steady 4 table 4 hand a round duplicate bridge today finishing after 4 pm.  Our Plumbing was interrupted for about 30 minutes for the installation of a new Bathroom on the 3rd floor!  We had a new player - Leo Gies, and the return of Guil from SoCal.

Everyone did a good job and seemed to have a great time.  Unfortunately we got off to the wrong start, so 2 couples had to exchange places, and 2 couples played each other 2 times.  We had to add 4 new hands so that 2 other couples would not play those hands again.  Unfortunately,  The Bridgemate  software was not as accommodating as I expected it would be.  The 4 new hands were put in.  the 2 couples were switched, but the bridgemate was not happy with the 4 new hands.  A call will be placed to ACBL to see if we can fix the bridgemate to accept the change.  All the scores were tabulated but the bridgemate does not like some couples playing 8 hands and others just 2.  

If and when we can we will post the hands for the day

Thank you all for coming.  Next week Feb 15th we expect to continue the intermediate lessons.

Your assistant Director,