Wednesday MAY day!  We all danced around the May pole much to the annoyance of Peter the Centennial Hall manager and the 2 painters! Bobbi and Sid started in first place and nothing and no one  could knock them out.  However, the board they played late (board 21) which they managed to PASS out, caused a seismic disruption in Place 4 and 5 Jack/Jim and Claire/MaryLynn. Only the bridge gods know how that happened!  In second place were Jane and Jan, followed closely by Dave and Zelda. You all played very well!  

We all had a great time, playing duplicate a Howell Movement with 27 boards and 5 and a half tables with a sitout, which means most of us played only 27 boards.   Next week we have a single player who sure would like to find a partner to play with, so bring a friend!.

Your assistant director,