A Very Hot Wednesday 19 June (Juneteenth) 2024 with traffic that made us all late!  - We had a nice 6 full table Howell movement with 24 boards, 3 boards a round with all the normal people!  It was a hot day and I provided grapes which were left over and will be finished by the Thursday group.  You all played well despite the heat. The change in positions was like watching a horse race.  The final pair in first place is Sid and Bobbie, then Jack and Bill, Susanne and Paul,  followed closely by Pat and her partner. Once again we had a tie for 2/3 position!  The final grouping had the top 4 pair separated by l.1 pts or LESS than 1%!  

PLEASE remember to put your scores in and check them.  There are several people who do not record their scores so one board (15)  I had to put a No Play because neither pair registered board 15 on any of the 4 score sheets. 

Remember that tomorrow June 20th there will be an open house with a cash bar from 6 to 8 pm to celebrate the opening of the new ballroom/theatre!

See you next week,  Suzanne