Thursday Open Game 30 May 2024

Today we had 8 full tables for our high mp Grass Roots Fund game. We were happy to welcome Ed Winslow into our club today. Ace of Club medals were given to Darrell, Brent and myself for the most club points earned in 2023 in our stratifications. Congratulations to Connie/Roger for 1st place in A/B and to Linda/Nancy for 1st place in the C strat.

Next week's lesson will be on defensive signals.

 Monday 2 June Update to Wednesday 29 May 2014  - we had a fun game with 5 full tables.  Each partnership played 9 rounds of 3 boards in a Howell movement.  We would like to welcome an old friend Ann Richard who was unlucky and got me for a partner!  She plays very well!  Unfortunately sometime during round 5 one bridgemates was made unfunctional.  It lost names and I put players's identification numbers back into the bridgemate.   Please if you have problems with a Bridgemate call the director over rather than try and solve it yourself!   Since I was playing I did not realize that the whole system had reset itself.  I displayed the results for the game at the end of 4 of the 9 rounds.  I have data for most of the 5th round and I have my data for me and my partner.  I cannot publish what people did for all 27 hands for all 10 partnerships.  sorry for the inconvenience.  I will publish the hands with some contracts.  Its pretty obvious this is not the correct overall scores.  This is not a valid score. This is with another 22 scores added.  See how easily it changes!


Here are the boards.  I am going to call ACBL to find out what I can do.  If I had the score sheets from one partner from each partnership, I could recreate the game, but this is not a sanctioned ACBL game.  I do not feel it is worth my time when we all had a good time and enjoyed each other's company.  I can put up the boards. and I will do that. I could put up the contracts with only 4 rounds.  I could add most of the 4th round.  I will post the hands, Call ACBL for their guidance.  At the end of round 4, Jan Poulin and Jane were coming in first. 


 Tuesday 28 May 2024

We had 5.5 tables in our Pupil Game after our lesson on responses to a 2 club open. The WINNERS were Jane Greenslit and Connie Kaplan with a whopping 66%!  Well Done! Colette and Suzanne came in second with a very nice 58 %.  I had a great time as always and hope you did, too!  See you next week!  ---Carl

 Sunday 26 May 2024

We had 4 tables yesterday in our "Boot Camp".  We got a late start because I forgot how to open a door, but we still managed to play and discuss over 20 boards.  Thanks to all that came.  Maybe we will try another of these in a few months.

Here is my commentary on the boards.  I apologize for not being able to align the auction commentary on the post, but I tried several fixes that didn't fix it.  Maybe I just need to turn a handle, but I can't find the handle.  So just realize the the phrases at the end of the commentary have to do with the bidding. See you on Tuesday.  ---Carl


 Friday 24 May 2024

A reminder that the second "Boot Camp" will take place tomorrow at Centennial Hall.  We will play and discuss up to 27 boards or as many as we can complete from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 PM.  There will be 5 tables available and we are expecting at least 4 tables.  I have 5 sets of boards prepared and should be able to provide for any that decide to come, even if they didn't sign up.  I got good comments from the attendees of the one on May 11 and expect that this one will be vary similar.  The exercise is being provided at the request of students in the Tuesday beginner game, so I will be providing mentoring as requested from the attendees; however, the topics that will be discussed will encompass items outside of the usual beginner class, so more experienced players, as we discovered at the last installment, could also learn a few things and strengthen their games.  So, all are welcome to attend, and I look forward to seeing you there at 10:00 AM on Saturday,  ----Carl

 Thursday Open Game 23 May 2024

This was a District sTac game so we were competing with clubs all over New England for silver and gold points! Congratulations to Paul/Maureen for first place.  I am also pleased to see Pat/Gordon and David Roberts do so well.

 Wednesday 22 May 2024 Fun Bridge - A scorching day outside.  Thank those from Tuesday who helped put in 2 of our air conditioners. We had 2 "old" friends drop by and play bridge with us - Muriel Mahoney ( the 8th member of North Hampton bridge club!)  and Dolores Chase!  Welcome back!  We had 5 full tables and played a Howell Movement with 3 boards around for 9 rounds and 27 boards! A long day.  You all are winners, but the couple who took top prize, an afternoon with the rest of us was Susanne and Paul!  In second place were Hildy and Anne at the top of a crowded field!  The Pianist finally showed up at 6:30 PM.  A little late to provide us with a concert!

I hope you all had fun! and please come back and play again~



 Tuesday 21 May 2024 Pupil Game 

We had 7 full tables for our pupil game after our Strong 2 Club open lesson.  Jane and Susan were the winners with almost 66%!  Well done again!  Wynne and Betty were second and our New Student (WELCOME!) Connie and John were 3rd.  It was a really fun day even though it was a hot one!  This Saturday we will have our second "Boot Camp" starting at 10:00 AM and going to 4:00 PM.  Next week we will continue lessons on opening 2 clubs.  See you then! (or Saturday) -- Carl

 Thursday Open Game 16 May 2024

Some very interesting boards and a very lively game today.  Susan and Nancy took first place, but I am very impressed with the B and C strat teams which took the remaining top spots. It is fun to see everyone being competitive, making it a great match.

 Wednesday 15 May 2024  We  had a 5 table Howell movement where each team played 9 rounds of 3 boards.  You are all winners!  Not suprisingly Marion and Cynthia were the first place winners, who bid and made 6NT on one hand and the very next hand bid 4 and made 6.  We had 3 people show up from their winter habitat.  Welcome back Audry, Carolyn and Paul!  It was a long day because we did not start on time. I had to drive back to Maine and retrieve my computer on the back step! The cards were not forgiving with quite a few 1 and 2 bids.  Thank you all for showing up and helping set up!


 Tuesday 14 May 2024

We had 6 full tables in our pupil game on this beautiful Spring day that felt a bit like Summer.  Jane and Susan came in first with a very nice 68%!  Suzanne and Harriet came in a respectable second with Harriet's first play in many months.  Well done all!

Next week we will leave takeout doubles for a while, although they will likely show up in a review.  I was very happy to see many players able to use the takeout double during the game as well as appropriate use of weak twos!  I think we are all improving.  ---See you next week to start on 2 club opens and responses.


 Sunday 12 May 2024

Happy Mothers Day!  We had a long, but fun day discussing 24 boards yesterday! Three full tables were there and we discussed each board after bid and play.  I hope all of you that were there enjoyed it as much as I did.  I am posting my comments on the boards for all 27 boards that I had prepared.  Some of you may have left before I got these handed out, and I will have a hard copy available on Tuesday for you. --Carl

 Thursday Open Game 9 May 2024

We had a fun 6 table full Howell movement today.  Congratulations to Donna/Peter, Lisa/Susan and Darrell/Brent for the top spots in the A, B and C strats.  Everybody should look at Board 7. Betty ended up bidding and playing 7D even though she only had 4 points!  Way to go Betty!

 Wednesday 8 May 2024 On this very rainy day we had a 5 and a half table 8 round Howell movement where all players played at least 21 boards.  All of you are winners, but first place was squeaked out by Pat and Sherry!  Dave and Zelda came in 3nd, ant Bill and Jack tied Jim and Herb, a new partnership, for 3rd Place! Congratulations to you all!  This is a bit more exciting than golf but not much - watching the players inch up (or on the other hand down).  One of our old timers showed up again, Susanne.  We had two players who never met each other before and formed a partnership, and did well. They were both taught by a fabulous teacher, Dave Pepple, who we all miss a lot! This was a very close grouping from almost 50% to 53% by 6 teams, who battled it out right up to the last hand!  

Hope you all had a good time.  

Your assistant Director,


 Tuesday 07 May 2024

We had more lessons on making and responding to takeout doubles as well as a review on responding to weak twos.  There were 5 full tables in our Pupil game.  We played a movement of 9 rounds, two boards per round so that more people played against each other and the boards were played by more pairs.

The winners today were Mary Lynn and Claire with 58.33%.  There was a tie for second between Christopher-Melissa and Wynne-Betty with 56.25%

I will see some of you on Saturday for our day-long exercise starting at 10:00 A.M.  The rest of you will be here next week, right?  I plan to continue working on takeout double responses. --Carl

 Beginners reminder   Friday 3 May 2024 - Reminder that Carl will be discussing bidding and  the play of the hand on May 11 and May 25 starting at 10 am and going until we have analyzed 27 randomly pre-dealt hands or until 4 pm, whichever comes first. Fee is $10/person

 Thursday Open Game 2 May 2024

I was very happy to see some new faces today.  Welcome to Ann and Pat!

We had a full 7 table Howell movement today for our Club Championship game.  The honors go to Pam/Larry followed by Linda/John for the B strat and Pat/Gordon as winners of the C strat.  

I start a series of basic defense lessons next week at 11:00.

 Wednesday MAY day!  We all danced around the May pole much to the annoyance of Peter the Centennial Hall manager and the 2 painters! Bobbi and Sid started in first place and nothing and no one  could knock them out.  However, the board they played late (board 21) which they managed to PASS out, caused a seismic disruption in Place 4 and 5 Jack/Jim and Claire/MaryLynn. Only the bridge gods know how that happened!  In second place were Jane and Jan, followed closely by Dave and Zelda. You all played very well!  

We all had a great time, playing duplicate a Howell Movement with 27 boards and 5 and a half tables with a sitout, which means most of us played only 27 boards.   Next week we have a single player who sure would like to find a partner to play with, so bring a friend!.

Your assistant director,