Wednesday 22 May 2024 Fun Bridge - A scorching day outside.  Thank those from Tuesday who helped put in 2 of our air conditioners. We had 2 "old" friends drop by and play bridge with us - Muriel Mahoney ( the 8th member of North Hampton bridge club!)  and Dolores Chase!  Welcome back!  We had 5 full tables and played a Howell Movement with 3 boards around for 9 rounds and 27 boards! A long day.  You all are winners, but the couple who took top prize, an afternoon with the rest of us was Susanne and Paul!  In second place were Hildy and Anne at the top of a crowded field!  The Pianist finally showed up at 6:30 PM.  A little late to provide us with a concert!

I hope you all had fun! and please come back and play again~