Thursday 8 February we had a 4 Table Howell movement with 4 boards for each of 7 Rounds.  Unfortunately, we had to switch Roslyn and Dave with Roger and Connie to allow Connie to be stationary.   It took ACBL Hero  Brad to deconvolve the mess!  But he did it.  We did not use the 2 plays of boards 29 to 33, and replaced one of them with Average or average Plus.  the other one was not put into the bridgemate so we could not add the blanks?  really you can change a mistake but you can't add something correct??

Lots of people got litttle bitty points. Roslyn and Dave came in first, followed closely by Nick and Leo, Paul and Maureen and John and Nancy. all who got bitty points!  Well done!

Hope you had fun.  We had a new person Leo Gies play with Nick and they rounded out the people who earned MP.  Thank you all for coming to our game.  Next week Skip will continue with the intermediate lesson at 11.

your assistant director,  Suzanne

Please go to ACBL online to view the results.  I am not sure how to upload the files.