Thursday Lessons Intermediate to Advanced

On Thursday we present lessons at 11:00am which are intended to help students and players from our other programs to prepare for ACBL sanctioned games here or at other clubs. We will cover the additional requirements of the game including convention cards, alerts and announcements. A number of conventions that are often seen at duplicate games are covered as well as advanced play for declarers and defense.

These lessons are open to all players and the cost is included in the subsequent game. For more information, contact the instructor, Skip Page at (845)341-7178 or

3/30   Duplicate Bridge Scoring

4/6    Inverted Minors

4/13   Puppet Stayman  

4/20   Mel's Rules  

4/27  Having it Both Ways - Improving your contract Odds

5/4  No Lesson - Suzanne Director

5/11  No Lesson - Suzanne Director

5/17  DONT -Disturb Opponents NT

5/25 Lebensohl- How to cope with opponents interference over your 1NT open

6/1 Responsive & Support Doubles

6/7 Balancing

6/15 4 Way Transfers

6/22 No Lesson

6/29 Leads and Frozen Suits

7/6 Frozen Suit Practice

7/13 Suit Leads NT Practice

7/20 Suit Leads Suit Practice

7/26 The Convention Card

8/3 No Lesson

8/10 No Lesson

8/17 No Lesson

8/24 Play - Breaking the Rules

8/31 No Lesson

9/7 Defense 1 - 3rd Hand Play

9/14 Defense 2 - Second Hand Play

9/21 Defense 2 - Continued

9/28 Defense 3 - Placing the Honor

10/5 Loser Count

10/5 The Law of Total Tricks