Wednesday FUN GAME 26 June 2024

This is the final result.  I fixed the problem.  Not much change.

Today we had a  VERY Eventful 5 and a half table Howell movement with one hand (18) making 7 NT and another (19) making 7 Spades!  Only 2 couples bid I small slam!  Maybe its time to revisit those beginning lessons that Dave and Carl taught!   The 7 Spade hand should have made only 5 Spades according to the Double dummy.  Maybe we need to review some defensive play as well!

 It was a hot day with a nice breeze.  The Usual suspects showed up and we had a lovely time playing 8 rounds of 3 boards for a total of 24 boards!

You all did well, but Pat and Sherry squeaked out a first place with an unheard of 72.9% , closely followed by Paul and Susanne with a 62.7%, rounded out by Jane and Jan at 54% and the Dickinson team at 48%.  There were a whole lot of people in the 42% to 47% range that kept jockeying for position.

WARNING INAPPROPRIATE INFORMATION:  The rule book says " Calls and plays should be made without any undue emphasis, mannerisms or inflections and without undue hesitation or haste . . .  no extraneous remarks or gestures."  Penalties can be assessed based on inappropriate behavior.   If there is a problem with scoring please call the director and do not discuss it in front of other players.  We have to stop being so relaxed and sloppy!  Speaking of sloppy  I had a little visitor who helped me put things away.  Apparently with all the help I lost one final score.  So I have 7 full rounds and 20 boards from round 8.  However, the 8th round had one very late play.  I thought all the scores were in and my "helper", Mia (a little 4 year old) was talking my ear off asking why this and why that.  So I left early without checking  that the last pair had put their scores in.  As a result I put an average for both teams. That board was passed 2 of the 4 times I have results for.  Now it has 2 passes, one average and two nearly identical scores for 2 other pairs (see board 14)

Another issue:  PLEASE ensure that you are playing in the Correct direction.  Look at the bridge mate. Look at the place mat!  Call the director if you do not understand it.  Several times we have had people confused as to whether they are NS or EW.  PLEASE Ask