Thursday 28 December ACBL game.

 On a very Rainy Thursday 28 December 2023 we have a new budding director who answered a lot of "Director Please" calls today!  Carl Wikstrom ran a 6 table Howell movement.  We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed being inside on this very wet day!  You all did very well!  

Our winners were Ed Sicard and Robert Abruzese with a 64% game, followed closely by Carl and Joyce.  Next were Darrell and Dave, Suzanne and George Lapierre followed by Lisa and Nancy Hornbeck.  The last two earning points are Peter and Donna.  

Two of the bridgemates were acting up and Carl changed the batteries in them (Bridgemate 4 and later Bridgemate 5).  People were asked to leave their score cards (one was left, but no identification of which pairs were playing?)  The results we have are posted on the ACBL webpage: we had 3 late plays (please try and keep the hands played to 7 minutes).   We had to input the scores for the last 3 rounds of table 5, and the 3 late plays by hand.

Our lesson today was on 4th suit forcing.  Next week we expect Skip Page to return.  Refreshments (left over Chrismas Cookies! (YUMMY) were provided by Donna and Ann O. Nymous. 

We want to welcome Robert Abruzese, a new person, to North Hampton. .

Your assistant director,


 Thursday Open Game 21 December 2023

What a fine day for a Christmas pizza party! Thank you for the fine deserts supplied by Nancy Pierce and Donna Devlin. They certainly helped me to get into the Christmas spirit.

Some very fine bridge by everyone and a very nice time.

 Thursday Open Game 14 December 2023

Welcome to Julian Dunlop - We were happy to see him here for the first time. Congratulations to Jim and Suzanne for the big win, to Roger/Connie for the B strat win and for Mary Ellen/Nancy as winners of the C stratification.

Everyone make sure you are here at 11:30 for the free pizza next week! The lesson will be on 1430 starting at 11.