Monday Bridge 21 June 2021

Hi All,

You all did very well today. As you become more familiar with the procedures we will probably be able to complete the rounds. It's more important that you take time if you need it to learn.

We plan to start lesson 2 next Monday, so be prepared. We will not play on Monday, 5 July because of the holiday.

I will try to add some useful comments to the boards. Check back tomorrow and Wednesday to see what I've had to say.

See you then,  Dave

I'm not sure how this went at the various tables, but only one pair got to game. I think West should have opened 1 Club and East should have responded 1 Diamond with his 7 points. West must jump-shift to 2 Spades to show his two suits and 19 or more points. This forces to game and East will raise to 4 Spades with his good support for partner's suit. Margie stole an overtrick at 3 No Trump for the top, but 4 Spades plus 1 beats it and 4 Spades makes a decent score.

Thursday Bridge 17 June 2021

 Hi All,

A lovely day of bridge. You all did very well. Congratulations to Lesley and Carol for a great score of 60.27% to beat out Linda and Nancy with their 59.79%. Wow!

We plan to have Monday Bridge on 21 June. Remember that we start at 10:00am promptly. Come early to check in and get your member number if you have forgotten. Don't forget that you must have your vaccination card if you have not previously presented it. You can have the original, a paper copy or a copy on your phone. We will start on the introduction and Lesson 1.

See you then,