Wednesday 5 June 2024 - a beautiful sunny day until 4:30.  We had 4.5 tables and played 9 rounds of 3 boards with a sitout.  Today was a first!  We had 3 pairs tie for the top position!   You all are winners.  

I hope you all got home safely.  I looked outside saw the dark cloud and as soon as I put everything away I headed out the door to go home.  I got to about a mile from Target in the beginning of the storm. Somehow made it to Target.  Sat in the car in the parking lot for 1 hour writing this blog.  I thought the wind would blow the car over.  The hail was nickel sized (not Joan Nickel but close!) I thought I would go deaf and thank heavens the windshield did not break. After 45 min, went into Target and hung out for 1/2 hour.  The parking lot was about 7 inches deep in water.  Drove home carefully only to find a soggy chipmunk and a soggy squirel caught in my Havahart trap.  took them out to a new home at the wildlife refuge!

got home about 6:30.  

Remember Centennial Hall will have a Grand opening for the upstairs room June 20th.  Free appetizers and a catered cash bar! from 6 to 8 pm.  Everybody is welcome.