I heard today that many are concerned that I want to change the Wednesday "fun" game into a sanctioned game. This is not true. Together we have evolved our club into a fun experience that meets many different needs. Carl is looking forward to running the Tuesday game with beginner lessons permanently, Suzanne is happy to run the Wednesday game and I will run the Thursday game with intermediate lessons.  This is our club so let's continue to make it a respectful place we can all enjoy.

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Club Manager

 Thursday Open Game 29 February 2024

We had a big turn out for a very nice 8 table Howell movement today. I am happy to see so many of the faces I have not seen in a while.  Congratulations to Darrell/Brent for the big win today!

Sorry for the resubmissions. There was an error on board 14 and 15 which I corrected.