North Hampton Bridge Players!  We have an open game and Intermediate/Advanced lessons at 11 am sharp on this Thursday Feb 1, 2024.  Suzanne

 Thursday Open Game 25 January 2024

We were very happy to welcome Maureen Sheehan to our club today. It was also nice to see Paul Marquis, Sandra Larson, Larry Mann, Pam Robinson and Nancy Hornbeck who have not been frequent attendees. I think we all had a nice time and moved along promptly.

We played a 7 table Howell movement today. Carl/Joyce won the A strat, Paul/Maureen won the B strat and Darrell/Brent won the C strat. Today's lesson at 11 was on leads against suits.  The lesson next week will be on leads against NT contracts.


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 Thursday Open Game 18 January 2024

I was pleased to see Sandy Larson at our club today for the first time playing with Nancy Hornbeck.  We had a smoothly running 4-1/2 Table Howell movement with only 2 director calls.  We also finished on time using the round clock we had running.  Darrel/Brent finished first with a very fine 64.6% score.  Today they were in the B strat since they had over the 50 mp limit for the C strat.  Pat and Mary had a fine game today coming in first in the C strat.  This was their first time playing together.

 Thursday Open Game 11 January 2024

I was very happy to see the two new players from the Derry club - Gen Miller & Beverly Jo Snyder.  We had a 6-1/2 table Howell movement in this Stac game.  The results below will be changed once they are merged with the other tables in our district which also played these same hands.  Note that the stratification is dictated by the district for this game - C:0-500, B: 500-2000, A: 2000+.  Carl set up a timer today and we finished the game on time!  Thanks everyone.  

 Thursday Open Game 4 January 2024

Today we had a very nice 6 table Howell movement directed by Carl. Things went smoothly except for the 3 late plays which we decided to play, and did add extra work for the director.  Directors have a difficult time deciding how to run the game when some players are slower than the rest - we do not like to take boards away, but there are always some people who are anxious to see their results and get home.

Roslyn and Brent helped Roslyn make a grand exit with a big win before she heads down to Florida for the winter. Congratulations also to Roger/Connie for a first place B stratification win.  I am also happy to see Pat and Louise finish first in the C stratification and for Linda/Nancy to earn points before Linda heads south for the winter.

Thank you everyone for a fun day and a good start to the new year.