Tuesday 18 June 2024

We had 5 tables in our pupil game and a lesson about asking about the Queen of trump using Roman Key Card 1430.  I applaud all of you for continuing to tackle this complicated but useful system for slam bidding.  We will continue to asking for kings next week.  I plan to use the entire month of July for review and strengthening understanding of concepts already covered, so please let me know if you have any requests next week.

We had a return from a long absence from bridge by Kay Roelke, brought in as a ringer by Elizabeth Brugger.  She proceeded to win the day with Elizabeth with a whopping 70.83%!  Bob E. and Guil S. came in second with a very good 63.89 % and the Cullys got 3rd with a very nice 60.42%.

Hopefully, the heat wave will be gone by the time we meet again next week.  See you then! --Carl