13 June 2024 North American Pair Sectional Game

On the first really hot day of the season we played 9 rounds of 3 boards with 5 Tables in a Howell Movement.  We were greeted with a wonderful surprise blueberry treat from Nancy Pierce!  Thank you Nancy!  Not surprisingly Brent and Darryl came in first! followed by Susan and Nancy H.  This was a NAP sectional game and both Red and Black points were awarded.  An old friend, Helen Campobasso,  showed up and made it an even 5 Tables.  You all did very well.

Next week intermediate lessons will start again and Skip will be your director.  Remember that Carl is teaching an advanced beginner's lesson every Tuesday at 11 am!  Also next Thursday there is an open-house celebration for the opening of the Upstairs ballroom/theatre. June 20, 6 to 8 pm.  Cash bar with catered appetizers!


P.S.  I had to update file since for a NAP sectional  ACBL sets the Strata not the director.  Therefore we have no couples who have qualified as Stratum A