Hello EveryBody,

We are looking forward to see you and hope you will come to the Tuesday North Hampton Lesson, which will we taught by my colleague Carl.  We need as many people as can attend so that we can discuss which day of the week we will continue the basic lessons, and which day we will have an open free play game and which day we might want to have a ACBl  xxx  game (I am forgetting my words ) so xxx means sanctioned game.  Sorry I don't remember the word immediately.  I noticed a number of us can't always come up with the exact word, but we know what we are talking about anyway.

So PLEASE come to the lesson at the normal time (11 AM) on Tuesday and we will continue with responding to an Opening 1 bid. and then have some supervised play.

Dave is well.  he has taught at Centennial Hall for over 25 years with narry a missed game.  

See you Tuesday! and you can meet my colleague and friend Carl!