Wednesday 13 March 2024  A beautiful sunny day!

We had a fine 6 and a half table Howell movement where we played 27 boards - 9 rounds of 3, with a long sitout.   One pair left before the end of the game causing another pair to miss their boards.  This is not allowed.  If you need to leave early tell the director and we will attempt to accomodate you. 

People had a great time.  We had a new person to Wednesday bridge - Jack Sulger who played with Bobbi. With a Howell movement we only have one team that came in first since we move and play as many pair as we have time to.

Hildy and Margie came in first with 62% closely followed by Janet and Jill with 62%, and beginners luck(Smile) Bobbi and Jack came in 3rd.

You all did very well.

Your assistant director, Suzanne