Tuesday 25 June 2024

We finished up the "prepared" lessons today and will begin starting lessons for total beginners on August 6th.  Please tell any of your friends that, starting August 6th, these lessons will be for students who no nothing about bridge. but want to learn.  Between now and then we will go over what you need to know to leave the beginning pupil nest and go out into other bridge clubs and tournaments.  We will talk about the convention card next week, as well as some recommendations on deportment during play. In addition, we will discuss randomly dealt hands (all students will have the same hands) each July lesson.

A reminder that we will begin Advanced beginners classes on August 6th at 10:00.  There will be a fee of $5 for these lessons.  If you want to stay and play in the pupil game there will an additional fee of $7.

We had 5.5 tables in out pupil game today and we were very grateful for the AC as it wasn't as hot as last week, but it was still quite warm.  Christopher and Melissa were the big winners with 60.42%! The Kingsburys were right behind with a very nice 59.38. --See you next week!, Carl