Sunday March 24 2024

 Tuesday Lesson is Back!  First some news from the NABC: I passed my Best Practices Certification assessment and Skip Page and I garnered 60 Gold Master points by finishing second in two team events and third in a pairs event.  

Unfortunately, I got sick with a terrible cough last Tuesday, which continued to worsen until I stopped playing bridge and rested in my hotel room until getting on the plane home today,  The good news is that I went to Urgent Care straight away and they tested for Covid and flu and both were negative (never had either, just a viral bronchial infection).  The even better news is that the Nurse Practitioner told me that I am no longer contagious so I can teach and play bridge!  She said I don't need to wear a mask, but I still will as I don't want to cough directly into anyone's face, even if I'm not contagious.

So I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday!  It turns out that I don't have to change my style a bit as I was alreay following the "Best Practices" approach.  See you Tuesday! --Carl