Wednesday 8 May 2024 On this very rainy day we had a 5 and a half table 8 round Howell movement where all players played at least 21 boards.  All of you are winners, but first place was squeaked out by Pat and Sherry!  Dave and Zelda came in 3nd, ant Bill and Jack tied Jim and Herb, a new partnership, for 3rd Place! Congratulations to you all!  This is a bit more exciting than golf but not much - watching the players inch up (or on the other hand down).  One of our old timers showed up again, Susanne.  We had two players who never met each other before and formed a partnership, and did well. They were both taught by a fabulous teacher, Dave Pepple, who we all miss a lot! This was a very close grouping from almost 50% to 53% by 6 teams, who battled it out right up to the last hand!  

Hope you all had a good time.  

Your assistant Director,