Wednesday 10 April 2024  Fun Game

Today we had a 5 and a half table Howell movement  playing 8 rounds of 3 boards. that went fairly well.  Make sure when you put in the numbers you match N to S and E to W.  On table had N playing with E and S playing with W, other than that the day went fairly smoothly.  We had a couple of old friends drop by Christine Hoyler and Emily Creighton.  It was nice to see you again and we hope you will come back!

First, second and third places kept chasing each other today! Rick and Penny made the final cut, followed by Bobbie and Sic, and Mary Lynn and Claire from Tuesday's lessons, and Hildy and Carol.

You all did  very well!  Hope you had fun on this overcast coldish day.

For those who asked at the bottom of the schematic of the hands it shows what can be made. The par is what NS can make  Negative means its a EW game.

Your Assistant Director.