Thursday Open Game 29 June 2023

We had a simple 8-1/2 table Mitchell movement for our silver point STaC game today. This was our largest turn-out in awhile - thanks for your attendance.  It was really great to see Paul Marquis, Ed Sicard, Anne Aoki and Clair Morton.  Paul and Anne are old timers who have not been here for a while.  It was also great that Yuni Courtney, Linda Fitzgerald and Helen Campobasso were here again today.  Note that the points awarded may go up from here after our results are merged with the other club's results.

Congratulations to our winners Paul (one of our oldest members (#8)/Carl and Donna/Peter.  Note that many C strat players finished very well. Congrats to all.

Next week we will practice what we learned on leads today with real hands.

Wednesday Open Game 28 June 2023

Hi All,

A rainy, humid day with a little sunshine mixed in. I'm sure most of the players felt the same way. Pat and Sherry had the final sunshine with a close win that was settled on the last board. They got the top with a nice 61.11% for the top. You all did very well.

There will be no Lesson on Tuesday, but we will play the open game on Wednesday. See you then,