Wednesday Open Bridge STaC Tournament 6 April 2022

Hi All,

This was our first STaC tournament in which our club is matched up against all other New England clubs playing Wednesday morning.  The points and rankings shown below are preliminary and reflect our club only.  The final results will show the ranking with the other clubs combined.  Also the final points will be 25% black, silver, red and gold.  Performance on each hand is not shown since the results from the other clubs must still be shown.


We had a nice 4-1/2 table Howell movement of 9 rounds of 3 boards where each team played all teams. Tops are as follows:

A Stratification – Larry Mann/Pamela Robinson

B Stratification – David Luterman/Robert Fogarty (Top Overall)

C Stratification – Lesley Fogarty/Darrell Ford