Question of the Week - 2

Hi All,

I've had no questions so far this week, so everyone must be doing well. I'll discuss an oldie but goodie.

Here's the North/South hands:

North            South
♠️  10              KQ43
♥️  AK7            4
♦️  AQ1062      KJ9753
§  AK94          32

East opens 2 Spades and East/West pass from then on. What do North/South bid?

South passes and North doubles (Big). South advances to 4 Diamonds to show his suit and 9-12 points. North reevalauates to 23-24 points and thinks about slam. They haven't overtly agreed on a suit, so 4 No Trump would be to play or ambiguous at best. With the fit, 33 or more points, 3 Aces and a singleton, North just bids the slam and it makes. With South's Spade stopper, it also makes 6 No Trump, but that's hard to find.

As often happens, East's attempt to obstruct made it easier for North/South. If East instead passes, South will pass. He's too weak for 1 Diamond and doesn't qualify for 2 Diamonds. West will pass and North will open 1 Diamond. South will respond 1 Spade and North will stop to think. He likes the look of No Trump, but must describe his hand. A jump to 3 No Trump would limit his hand to 18-19 HCPs and 4 No Trump would be some form of Blackwood. He decides to jump-shift to 3 Clubs to show 19 or more points, two suits and force to game.

South stops to think. He knows nothing about Hearts, so No Trump is out. He now knows that partner has at least 4 Diamonds, so wants to support them. He ponders 4, 5 or 6 Diamonds. He's not sure of slam and Blackwood is useless, so he narrows it to 4 or 5 Diamonds. He's forced to game, so he's sure that partner would interpret 4 Diamonds as stronger, showing extra values. He bids 4 Diamonds and North goes to 5 Diamonds, 6 Diamonds or 6 No Trump as he desires.

Keep those questions pouring in.  Dave