Thursday 2 November 2023 Open Game Updated Sat 4 Nov

 We had a very small, relaxed and friendly 3 and a half table turnout.  You all played very well.   It was very nice to see Ron and Sue and Bill Boatwright again! Ron asked me to tell you all he tested positive for COVID on Friday after the game.  Please take precautions.

Kudos this time are to Donna and Peter!  Roslyn and Dave, Chris and Mary Ellen also were in the money!  The scores have changed since the last posting, since pairs 1 and 6 needed to be interchanged for 4 hands.   The scores have changed from in person  since only 6 rounds were shown.  When the  7th round was added, the top 3 teams got shuffled!

Thank you all for playing at our club,


Next week Skip will resume his class at 11 am.  PLEASE BE ON TIME.