Thursday August 31, 2023

The Results are not really in!  Unfortunately we played 21 hands, but the travelers only let me input 18 hands??  You can see what the scores were, but no names, and the MPs are probably in error.  There will be NO Master Points assigned for this game.  One good thing! Everyone was in top notch spirits, we had Jackie join us for the second time.  Everyone had a good time and played well!   Our members were in a festive upcoming Holiday mood, so the ambience was delightful! even if the scoring was screwed up!We started out promptly with a 5 and a half table Howell movement.  Unfortunately, unknown to the director, one of the bridgemates was started, then somehow turned off and restarted in the middle of the first round, so after the first 3 hands the director switched to a Mitchell, but the director does not speak software fluently. So we went with TRAVELER slips for 21 boards(my mistake, it should have been 18 hands not 21).   All the Travelers were filled out by the director in preparation to call ACBL (Double checked!!) .  Then a phone call to ACBL to figure out how to put the results into the ACBL software. Unfortunately, a game consists of 18 hands played and we only played 12 hands per pair Plus the sit out.  ACBL does work over the holiday, but could not reconcile the results    Apparently some couples played Boards 1-3 and others played boards 19-21.  There is no way of reconciling the 6 boards.   and the attempt to correct the Names and Pair numbers was tedious and stopped after 5 boards.

Do the best you can.  You can at least see what the boards were and what most people did

Your assistant director,