Thursday 17 August 2023 Open ACBL Upgraded Club Championship

 We had a long 6 and a half table Howell movement.  Congratulations to Donna and Dave for coming in First.  You all did very well!  Another pair that needs mentioning are Janet and Virginia who eked out a little bit of a point!  It was nice to see Bill Boatwright after many months' absence.  We also welcome Lesley and Carol back!  Another pair that earned points are Nancy and Mary Ellen! Wish you all could get points every time you play!  You all do well, but we need to play 2 hands in 15 minutes, not 19  nor 17.  Norths need to be vigilant that the correct boards and players are at the table.  The reason this was posted so late is that two hands needed to be adjusted because of playing erroneous boards and I had to call ACBL to ensure that it was done correctly!

You all did very well and please come back again!  NEXT WEEK WE WILL HAVE A LESSON AT 11 AM taught by our illustrious Director Skip,

Your Assistant Director,