Thursday 10 August 2023,  NAP (North American Pairs) Open ACBL game.

Congratulations to all of you!  We had a 6 table Howell movement using ONLY the Bridgemates!  The points given out were equally split between red and black to come to the number shown.  Congratulations to Susan and Bobbi for coming in first!  I believe this is the first time back in a number of months for this pair!   NOTE:  If you want to play in a tournament and not have boards taken away you need to play 7 minutes a hand.  Thursday we took over 11 minutes a hand.

Centennial Hall's internet was down so this is a bit late.  Another problem is that the bridgemate movement is old and ACBL spent 3 hours with me getting this in a format that is okay, with the correct partners playing and the correct scores.  The pairs were misnamed and the movement was old-fashioned?  You all did very well!  We are considering offering a class for experienced but oldfashioned players not familiar with Modern American Standard bridge, so that you can better communicate with  ACBL members, find appropriate partners and fill out Convention Cards.  There are a number of people who had not played with their partners before, had no convention card and no partnership agreements, nevertheless you all played very well!  

I hope you all had fun!  Skip plans to have an Intermediate class on Thursday 24 AUGUST.  Keep tuned to verify the next Class.  

Your Assistant director,