Thursday Open game 4 May 2023

 Thursday Open Game 4 May 2023

Congratulations to Susan and Bobbi coming in First!  We have not seen Susan or Walter for a long time!  Welcome back.  You all did a good job! Congratulations to Marion and Cynthia our homegrown C players who earned an MP!

Please realize that your PAIR number is NOT the table that you start at.  The Bridgemates will tell you what number you are and after you play the hands it will tell you where to move to.  North is responsible for seeing that the correct people are at the table AND the correct boards are at the table. 

Unfortunately we did not play 13 rounds.  We only played 11 rounds since we have to learn to move between tables a little more efficiently.   We would like to have 2 hands played in 15 minutes to get our 13 rounds in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  We did not start late today!  Thank you all for being there on time!

Your substitute director,  Suzanne