Tuesday Lesson Practice Game 21 March 2023

Hi All,

Spring has sprung! A great day for bridge with 5 full tables. Congratulations to Kathy and Gerri for a super 64.45% for the top. You've all done very well. 

Next week we'll finish Opening bids and start responses. It  will start to get more interesting (and harder) so be prepared.



Thursday Open Game 16 March 2023

We played a 9 round Howell movement with 6 tables.  There were several errors which got corrected by Suzanne's hard work. Please note that we are now including the contracts in the below summaries.  Please also note that even though the Howell is a more complicated movement, it does end up giving more master points because everyone plays more teams.

This was a 6 table Howell movement where all 12 pairs played 10 other pairs.  The boards go down and the players move around.  One table had a stationary NS pair, another table had a pair that stayed at the same table but moved from NS to EW.  If you noticed the pair to where you were moving on the first move, you could follow them the rest of the day.  The bridge mates indicated where to move to.  Once you move, always check the bridge mates to confirm that you are at the correct table.