Thursday Open Game 5 January 2023

Hi All,

A drizzly day, but a nice day for bridge. Congratulations to Roger and new member Simone for a very nice 65.19% for today's top. You've all done very well.

I'm sorry to tell you that this will be my last day as director of this club. I would like to thank all you loyal members for all your support and friendship.  Hundreds of you have stuck with me for 28 years through 3 moves and the progress from a small rubber bridge club to a thriving duplicate club. You have shown courage with the first computer generated random hands in the Seacoast. You have shown generosity when I sold Bridge Bonds to buy the first Bridgemate automated scoring system in the Seacoast. You raised your fees to help ease my job with the first and still only automated dealer machines in the Seacoast. You have shown tolerance for my attempts to try new and better approaches to run the games. I know you have the resilience to keep improving with new and younger management.

Skip will be directing next Thursday. 

Thanks again,  Dave