Thursday Open Game 27 April 2023-   UPDATED 28 APRIL

We had a 7 table full Howell round on a semi-drizzly day!  Congratulations to Nancy and Mary Ellen for first place and also the Non ACBL members and Strat C players who got points - Janet, Virginia, Audrey and Carolyn.  You all did well.  We played 12 other teams rather than the 13 we wanted to play. We have to keep moving so that we can finish all the hands next time!    Thank you for your patience, because we had to start late.  Please try to get here 10 minutes early.  North Hampton bridge club has a policy about Slow Play on the website, which you might wish to review.  

ACBL assigned different Master Points (MP) than what our software assigned so here is the update!  Don't worry they are HIGHER!   Scroll down to see the hands.  

Thank you.

Suzanne and Skip

Wednesday Open Game 26 April 2023

Hi All,

A rainy morning and then came the sun. Lovely! Congratulations to Bobbie and Sid for a very nice 60.65% for the top. You've all done very well. 

A great 4 full tables for the first time on Wednesday. Our most recent graduate from Tuesday, Debbie, did well and she and Delores finished tied for second. I hope there's more where she came from!

Thank you all for coming. See you next time,