Tuesday Lesson Practice Game 15 November 2022

Hi All,

Congratulations to Jane and Bill for a super 64.5% for today's top. You've all done very well.

Next week we'll continue the Lesson 4 worksheet. Be prepared to discuss and have any questions ready. If you have questions about today's game, send me an email and I'll write my comments on the boards for all to see.

I'll see you next Tuesday, but we'll be closed for Thanksgiving on the 25th. Have a nice holiday.

See you,  Dave

I was asked if there was any way they could have bid the slam here. Let's look.

North passes and East counts 14 HCPs plus 2 for the Heart singleton and 1 for Diamond doubleton. He opens 1 Spade, South passes and West counts 12 HCPs and responds 2 Diamonds to show his 10 or more points and force partner to describe his hand. East rebids 3 Spades to show his 6-card suit and 17 or more points. West stops to reevaluate and think. His good trump support gives partner at least 20 points opposite his 12 and he may have more. He is definitely interested in Slam and ponders his best approach. He needs partner to have at least two Aces and more points would be nice. He decides to bid 4 No Trump, Blackwood, and, if he shows two Aces, bid the slam and hope partner has the needed strength.

The slam makes, but if the Ace of Diamonds is in South they will go down. A little luck, but it does get the top this time. Whether it's worth the risk is a matter of style.