Latest plan for reopening

 Hi All,

I think we're all excited to be restarting bridge next Thursday, 17 June 2021 at Noon. I want retain the features that we've come to love, but there are some new considerations. 

The most important of  these is how to handle the pandemic that has kept us closed for 16 months. The various vaccines have provided greater safety, so our first rule is that you must be vaccinated to enter the building. 

We will handle this by checking you in on your first arrival, whether next Thursday or a future date. You will be met inside the lobby at the entrance from the parking lot and must display your vaccination card showing full vaccination received at least two weeks prior. This can be your original card or a copy on paper or a copy on your phone. Once you have been checked, you will not be asked again.

I have also changed many of our movements to insure that we all play the same number of boards. On Thursdays we will all play 26 or 27 boards. In many cases this will require two sets of boards, so be prepared to pay attention to get it right.

There will be no master classes on Thursday morning until they are specifically announced in advance.

I have been previously informed that there will be roadwork at the intersections of Routes 111 and 151, but nothing has started. I'll advise you when I get more information.

Please arrive early to allow time to be checked in and possibly receive a new identification card with your name and member number.

There will be no food or drinks provided. You can bring your own.

See you soon,  Dave