Thursday Bridge 10 June 2021

 Hi All,

After 15 months of preparation for our grand reopening, It was a fiasco! After everything went wrong, I came home and took to my bed. Now it's time to get ready for next time. Those of you who paid this week should request a discount of $2 next time.

Plan to have a partner for next week since I will not play until we're back to normal. Please come early to check in and get your member number and name tag in order. Please plan to be in your seat by 11:55 so we can count you and set up the play.

We will have various types of movements. Sometimes you will always be N/S or E/W and sometimes you'll switch. Follow your guide to find the right seat. Norths should always check to be sure they have the right players and cards. I'll try to do the rest.

The above applies to Monday bridge as well. Don't forget that we will start at 10:00am.

It was great to see you all again. I hope to see you next time,