Plans for Reopening

 Hi All,

We met with the Board of Centennial Hall and other tenants to discuss reopening. It was chaired by Marcy McCann, the Chairman of the Board. I was assisted by Skip, Sue, Bobbie, Sid, Carol and Ron. I greatly appreciate them donating their time to insure that I heard and understood everything. We all appreciated Marcy's hard work to reach this point.

You're all interested to know when we'll play bridge. I'm excited to tell you that we plan to reopen on Thursday, 10 June at Noon. The lessons will start at Lesson 1 on Monday, 14 June at 10am. Of course, this relies on the virus remaining stable or improving.    We shall not provide food or drinks, so you should bring whatever you want. We will have a lunch break on Mondays and, again, bring your own.

The state will be working on the cut-through and intersection, so you may have to enter the parking lot at the church. I'll describe this better when we get more information.

You must have completed your vaccinations. You should bring your Vaccine card to be registered the first time you come. We may or may not require masks, depending on the situation, so you should have one just in case.