Question of the Week - 3

Hi All,

I got a question this week, but I'm still waiting to see if my answer was helpful. In the meantime, I'll go to my file of golden oldies.

North           South 
♠️ AK95         7
♥️ 8              A953
♦️ AQ10        J85
§ 96532      AKQJ5

North opens 1 Club and South responds 1 Heart. North rebids 1 Spade and South stops to think. He wants to be in game and doesn't know anything about Diamonds, so 3 No Trump is out. He has no forcing bid, so may just bid 5 Clubs with his support and 17 points opposite 13-16. 

Desperately Seeking Slam (DSS) may want to make a try for slam. If he jumps to 4 No Trump, partner won't know what he wants for trump, so would just answer with Aces whatever form of Blackwood they play. South figures if partner responds 5 Clubs, he'll pass and if he bids 5 Diamonds or 5 Hearts he'll go to slam.
I think most would settle for 5 Clubs. To try for the slam, South has to accept that partner may respond 5 Diamonds with the Ace of Spades and two Diamond losers. DSS is undeterred, of course, and gets it right this time.