More Lemonade

Hi All,

I have continued work to improve our duplicate movements. When we return, every pair will play all the same boards. On Mondays we will always play 18 boards, either  9 rounds of 2 boards or 6 rounds of 3 boards. On Thursdays we will always play 26 or 27 boards, either 13 rounds of 2 boards or 9 rounds of 3 boards. There will be no more skips or sharing. On every round the BridgeMates and your guides will tell you where you should be and what boards you should play.

All that's left now is to figure out when we can meet. I don't expect that to happen soon. We will need to wait for the state to gradually amend the rules as to what is acceptable. Then Centennial Hall will need to decide when they will reopen and what activities are allowed. Then the club will need to decide when we think it is safe to meet. Finally you'll need to decide when you're comfortable playing. We can wear masks and spread out the tables, but there's no escaping the need to sit four at a table and handle the cards. We will probably be the last type of activities to restart, but don't give up the ship.

In the meantime, play online if you can and practice as much as possible. Please let me know if I can help. I miss you all.