Thursday Bridge 16 January 2020

Hi All,

A little messy weather this morning, but it turned out well. Congratulations to Dellen and Rosemarie (60%) and Connie and Audrey (60%) for high scores for the day. You've all done very well.

Next Monday we'll continue with rebids by One-of-a-Suit Openers. Good stuff.

A week from Thursday, 30 January, we hope to start an important new series. I have long felt that the best way for any player, beginner to expert, to improve their game is to improve their defense. The proposed series will start with the basics and work through all the useful points. We hope this will be of interest to both Monday and Thursday players. It will be held at 10:30 am every Thursday for a fee of $5. If you don't play in the afternoon game, there will be an additional 2$ for Centennial Hall. Please let me know by email to if you desire to attend. If there is sufficient interest, we will start the course.

See you next time. 

Dave and Skip