Monday Bridge 4 November 2019

Hi All,

Wow! What a lovely November day.  Congratulations to Darrell and Jan (73%) and Marion and Cynthia (67%) for high scores for the day. You've all done very well.

Next Monday we'll discuss the first section of Lesson 2, One-of-a-Suit Openings. We'll then go over the reverse of Lesson 1 to evaluate the hands and decide on the opening bids. Be prepared. There will be a master class by Skip on Thursday at 10:30 discussing Responsive and Support doubles.

Check back tomorrow and Wednesday to see my comments on today's boards.

See you next time.


PS  Comments added to boards 2, 5 and 6.

South opens 1 Heart and North responds 2 Hearts, promising 3 or more Hearts and 6-9 points. South reevaluates to 21 points and raises to 4 Hearts. It makes with an overtrick for the top.

Difficult hand to score well. It floats to West who opens 1 Diamond. East responds 1 Heart and West decides to show his 4-card major with 1 Spade and rebid the Diamonds later if necessary. East stops to consider 1 or 2 No Trump, but isn't sure so rebids 2 Clubs to show his two suits and 10 or more points and force partner to further describe his hand. West still counts 16 points so rebids a disciplined 2 Diamonds to show his 6-card suit and 13-16 points. 

East knows that his Diamond support makes partner stronger, but still isn't sure of game. He decides to bid 3 Diamonds to show his support and leave it up to partner. West reevaluates in Diamonds to 19 points opposite partner's 10 or more and bids 5 Diamonds. It makes for a top.

At several points it could have turned to No Trump, but East wasn't sure of the points and West preferred a suit with his distribution. It only makes with a lot of luck, but when you're hot, you're hot!

South opens 1 Spade and North responds 2 Clubs. South reverses to 2 Hearts to show his two suits and 15 or more points. North sees enough points for some kind of game, but isn't sure where to go. He's not in love with a 5-2 fit in Spades or a 4-3 fit in Hearts and has no Diamond stopper for No Trump.

I would lean to 3 No Trump, but most anything works. The only mistake is to stop short.