Monday Bridge 30 September 2019

Hi All,

A cloudy day. I can't wait for beautiful October. Congratulations to Bobbie Sue (69%) and Delores and Muriel (65%) for high scores for the day. You've all done very well. 

Next Monday we'll discuss the Preempt Worksheet. Can you use the Rule of Two or Three?

Next Thursday Skip will talk about Puppet Stayman at 10:30.

We hope to see you next time.


PS  Comments added to boards 1, 2, 7, 10, 12, 14 and 17.

North opens 1 Diamond and East overcalls 1 Spade. South responds 2 Clubs to show his 5 or more Clubs and 10 or more points. West competes to 2 Hearts and North competes to 3 Clubs. East reevaluates to 17 points in Hearts and raises to 4 Hearts. It should make 6 Heart tricks, the Ace of Spades, two Spade ruffs and the last two Spades for plus one and a good score. Dellen and Rosemarie squeezed out another trick for the top.

If West passes instead of competing, it's harder for East to persevere. 

Louise and Carolyn's s sacrifice was good, but would have been great if more E/Ws bid and made their game.

This is a difficult board. East opens 1 Diamond and West stops to think. He wants to get to game, but has no forcing response. A limit raise to 3 Diamonds would show 5 Diamonds and only 10-12 points, so that's out. A jump to 5 Diamonds might make, but 11 tricks are always hard to find and partner's opening only promises a 3-card Diamond suit for sure. 

West considers No Trump instead. A jump to 2 No Trump would show 13-15 HCPs, a balanced hand with stoppers in the unbid suits (which he doesn't have) and no 4-card major he could bid at the one level. A jump to 3 No Trump might set the matter to rest, but it promises 16-18 HCPs which might lead to an unmakable slam.

In the heat of the play, I recommended to several Wests that they just bid 3 No Trump. In the quiet sanctity of my office I prefer 2 No Trump. It gives East a chance to bid again, say a jump to 4 Diamonds to show a 6-card suit and 17 points which would lead to slam. In the given case, East would probably just raise to 3 No Trump or rebid 3 Clubs or 3 Spades which would lead to the same contract.

South doesn't meet the criteria for a vulnerable weak two, so passes. West passes and North opens 1 Club. South responds 1 Heart and North jumps to 3 Clubs to show his 6-card suit and 17 or more points. South has enough for game but isn't sure of 4 Hearts or 5 Clubs. He bids 4 Hearts allowing North to pass or correct to 5 Clubs. North could do either, but will surely pass with Heart support and no extra values. It makes with an overtrick for a good score. Len and Hazel somehow got to 3 No Trump and somehow made plus 4 for the top. 

South opens 1 Diamond and North responds 1 Heart. South rebids 2 Diamonds to show his 6-card suit and 13-16 points. North stops to think. He has 10 points and knows that his Diamond support makes partner stronger. He's not comfortable just jumping to 5 Diamonds so ponders whether to just pass or to raise to 3 Diamonds to show his support and let partner decide. South reevaluates to 16 points, but passes with his minimum. Some pairs made 11 or 12 tricks, but that's more than can be expected with only 26 total points.

South opens 1 Diamond and North responds 1 Spade.South rebids 1 No Trump. North rebids 2 Clubs showing her two suits and 10 or more points and South stops to think. If she had one more HCP, she'd go to 3 No Trump without hesitation. If she invites with 2 No Trump, partner might pass with 11 HCPs. She jumps to 3 No Trump and makes it for the top. Bobbie Sue was the only pair to get there. That's how you win!

North/South have a good Spade fit and 26 points. Can they bid the game?

South opens 1 Spade and North stops to reevaluate and think. He has 4-card support and 11 points, so he raises to 3 Spades, a limit raise. South stops to reevaluate and think. He has a 5-4 fit and 15 points, so raises to 4 Spades. It makes for the top, Good try, Louise and Cal!

North opens 1 Heart and South responds 1 Spade. North rebids 3 Hearts, promising a 6-card suit and 17 or more points. South has plenty for game and is interested in slam. He can't rebid his Spades and isn't ready to settle for 4 Hearts. He can force again with 4 Clubs, but that takes him past 3 No Trump, which might be his best contract. Blackwood might also get him into trouble, so he probably just bids 3 No Trump. This makes with overtricks for a good score.