Monday Bridge 9 September 2019

Hi All,

A lovely September day with 12 nice tables. Congratulations to Louise and Carolyn (67%) and Joan and Muriel (59%) for high scores for the day. You've all done very well.

Next Monday we'll discuss the work sheet for the Weak-Two Opening. On Thursday there will be an advanced lesson on End Plays at 10:30 before the regular play.

 I'll try to add comments to today's boards. Check back tomorrow and Wednesday.

See you next time.


PS  Comments added to boards 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 16, 20, 21 and 22.

It floats to West who opens 1 No Trump. East has no reasonable alternative to No Trump, so bids 3 No Trump with his 11 HCPs. It makes with an overtrick for the top.

West opens 1 Heart, North overcalls 2 Diamonds and East doubles (negative to show his 4 or more Spades and 8 or more points. South may compete with 3 Diamonds, but West will jump to 4 Spades. You should note that this is not a stop bid, but is descriptive, saying that he has enough for game even if partner has a minimum. East does have a minimum, so passes.

South opens 2 Diamonds and West stops to think. He lacks the points for a 2-level overcall and shouldn't preempt over South's preempt, so passes. North can't see anything like 11 tricks, so passes. Now East stops to think. An overcall of 2 Hearts would promise a 6-card suit, so he instead doubles for takeout.

South passes and West advances 3 Spades to show his best suit and 9-12 points. East still has only 15 points, but knows that his Spade support makes partner stronger. He raises to 4 Spades and it makes for the top. 

This is a difficult competitive board. North first has to resolve his opening bid and, as always, has to consider his rebid. If he has enough points to reverse, he can open the 6-card Diamond suit and rebid his Hearts to show his two suits. With only 13 points, however, he must choose between opening the Diamonds and perhaps never getting a chance to show his Hearts or opening the Hearts and never being able to convince partner that he has the 6-card Diamond suit.

Let's suppose he opens 1 Heart. South will force with 2 Clubs, showing 10 or more points and forcing North to describe. West will then overcall 2 Spades and North will be on the spot again. He had intended to rebid 2 Diamonds, but 3 Diamonds is a reverse and he still doesn't have the points. He passes as does East. South had intended to jump to 3 Hearts to show his 3-card Heart support and 10-12 points, but now that would be just competitive. He may or not be comfortable with jumping to 4 Hearts with his flat 11 points, but let's suppose he just bids 3 Hearts and leaves it up to partner. Both sides might compete to 3 Spades, 4 Hearts, 4 Spades and the chips will fall where they may.

Let's suppose North instead opens 1 Diamond and South stops to think. He has no obvious bid. 1 No Trump limits his hand to 6-10 points and he has 11. Some people play that 2 No Trump over a minor opening only promises 11-12 HCPs, but he doesn't play that. 2 Diamonds would surely indicate 4-card support since partner may have only 3-4 cards in the suit. 2 Clubs would promise a 5-card suit. He probably chooses 1 No Trump as the least of the evils.

West overcalls 2 Spades to show his 6 or more Spades and 13-16 points. North isn't ready to surrender with his Spade singleton and 6 Diamonds. He still doesn't have the points to reverse to 3 Hearts, so rebids 3 Diamonds. East competes to 3 Spades. South knows that his Diamond support makes partner stronger, so competes to 5 Diamonds. If he instead bids 4 Diamonds, West will compete to 4 Spades. 

The best contracts are 5 Diamonds by N/S and 4 Spades by E/W. No one reached the former and of the four pairs bidding 4 Spades, only Rita and Marge made it. Good job on a tough hand.

Another tough hand. It floats to South who stops to think. He counts 23 HCPs and has 2 Doubletons. He has 3 options; open 2 Clubs and rebid 3 Diamonds with only a 5-card suit, open 2 Clubs and rebid 2 No Trump with the strong doubletons,  or open 1 Diamond intending to jump-shift in Hearts. He will probably rule out the last since he doesn't want to give partner a chance to pass with his 25 points.

Lets suppose he chooses the first option. He opens 2 Clubs, North responds 2 Diamonds and he rebids 3 Diamonds. North responds 3 Hearts to indicate that he has enough for game, but isn't sure he likes the Diamonds. North loves the Hearts and ponders slam. Partner has promised enough for the game and if he has extra values, the slam is possible. He invites with 5 Hearts and North reevaluates for the Diamond singleton and raises to 6 Hearts. It makes for the top.

Let's suppose he chooses the second option. He opens 2 Clubs, North responds 2 Diamonds and he rebids 2 No Trump showing a balanced hand and 22-24 HCPs. North thinks that the singleton makes his hand better with a suit fit, so rebids 3 Clubs, Stayman. South rebids 3 Hearts and North raises to 4 Hearts. South reevaluates to 25 points in Hearts and invites with 5 Hearts. North reevaluates and raises as before.

Hard to get there, but not impossible. 4 Hearts with overtricks is still a top.

North opens 2 No Trump and South faces a test of courage. He can pass for a bottom or transfer partner to 3 Hearts. He then bids 3 No Trump and North corrects to 4 Hearts, which makes for a top.

North opens 1 Spade, East overcalls 2 Diamonds, promising 13-16 points and 6 or more Diamonds, and South jumps to 4 Spades with the weak freak. West reevaluates to 10 points and knows that his support gives partner 16-19 points. He's pretty sure that 4 Spades will make and considers a sacrifice. He's vulnerable, but down 1, doubled and vulnerable is only minus 200. Down 2, doubled and vulnerable would be minus 500.

If West sacrifices, he will lose 2 Clubs and a Heart for a good score. If he passes, he must depend on North going down, which isn't likely. 

Wow! There are three approaches to opening this hand. I think the poorest is a preemptive 5 Clubs. Partner will surely pass that and I think West must keep the door open for slam. West could open 1 Club trying to get information from partner, but the risk of partner passing is too great and you leave the door open for the opponents to interfere. That leaves 2 Clubs. West only needs one trick for game and certainly has a self-supporting suit.

North may or may not interfere. If he overcalls or doubles we're off to the races, but it probably helps E/W by pushing them up to heights they might not have attained by themselves. A player with a hand like West's is not going to be intimidated. Let's suppose N/S stay out of it.

East responds 2 Diamonds, waiting, and West rebids 3 Clubs. (He can't jump because that would promise game in hand and he needs a trick.) East reevaluates to 13 points in support of Clubs and bids 4 Clubs to show extra values. (Remember, 4 Clubs is stronger than 5 Clubs.) West is, of course, still interested in slam, so bids a 4 Diamond control bid to show first round control of Diamonds, show slam interest and to ask partner to show a control. West has controls in both Hearts and Spades and stops to think about how to proceed. He can bid 4 Hearts to show that control and if partner bids 5 Clubs, show the other control with 5 Spades.  He can also just bid 6 Clubs to indicate he has them both. Either way, they bid the slam and make an overtrick for the top.

The only way they're apt to get to 7 Clubs is if the opponents force them there. The only way they can make it redoubled and vulnerable is if the opponents double them. Don't forget to say thanks, Judy.

West opens 1 Diamond and North overcalls 3 Clubs, promising 7 tricks if Clubs are trump. East would have responded 1 Spade, but 3 Spades would promise a 5-card suit. He instead raises to 3 Diamonds. In this instance, he can't lose. If South passes, they can make 3 Diamonds and if South raises to 4 Clubs, it will go down.

It floats to South who opens 1 Spade. North responds 2 Hearts and South reverses to 3 Diamonds 
promising 15 or more points. North raises to 3 No Trump and it makes overtricks for a good score.

East opens 1 Club and West responds 1 Heart. East raises to 2 Hearts with his 13-16 points and West reevaluates to 13 points and raises to 4 Hearts. Declarer should get 5 Hearts 1 Spade, 1 Diamond and 2 Clubs. He needs help from the defenders for ten tricks. Nice work if you can get it.