Monday Bridge 1 July 2019

Hi All,

Congratulations to Darrell and Jan (63%) and Rick and Margie (61%) for high scores for the day. You've all done very well.

There will be no bridge this Thursday, the Fourth of July, Independence Day. Have a nice holiday.

Next Monday we'll continue with Competitive Bidding, takeouts. Don't miss it.

I'll try to post comments on today's boards. Check back tomorrow and Wednesday.

See you next time.


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East opens 1 Club and West responds 1 Spade. East rebids 2 Spades to show 4-card support and 13-16 points. West stops to reevaluate and think. He now counts 15 points with a great fit, so raises to 4 Spades. North leads the 10 of Hearts and declarer stops to count and plan. He sees 4 losers; 2 hearts, 1 Diamond and 1 Club. He also fears a deadly ruff on the third Heart. He can't do anything about that, but he may get rid of a loser with a Club finesse or a Club discard on the second Diamond.

South takes the Ace and King of Hearts and continues with the 8. Declarer plays low from his hand and breathes a sigh of relief when North follows suit. He wins with the Jack of Hearts in dummy and leads to the Queen of Diamonds. Whatever North does, declarer has the rest.

I've spent some time trying to figure out how Some N/S pairs managed to give up 11 tricks. The only thing I can see is South taking the Ace-King of Hearts and exiting with the Jack of Clubs. North plays the King and declarer gets 6 Spades, 2 Hearts and 3 Clubs. Verrry interesting!

South opens 1 Spade and North raises to  2 Spades. South reevaluates to 20 points and describes his hand with 4 Spades. North passes and it makes with an overtrick for the top. I hear a few bars of the Reevaluation Blues from those who didn't get there.

East stops to ponder his opening bid. He has 21 HCPs with a 5-card suit and a singleton. If he opens 2 Clubs, he can't bid 2 No Trump and is in no-way sure of a suit fit. I like to have more points to open 2 Clubs with a hand like this, probably 25 points at least. East opens 1 Heart, South passes and West responds 1 Spade. East rebids 3 Clubs to show 19 or more points and force to game. West doesn't want to show preference for either of partner's suits and rebids 3 Spades to show his 6 -card suit and 6-9 points. East bids 3 No Trump and all pass. South will probably lead the Queen of Hearts, hoping to force out the Ace and King while he still has a Spade entry.

Declarer stops to count and plan. He counts 6 top tricks; 2 Hearts, 3 Diamonds and 1 Club. He hopes for another 2 Clubs if the finesse works and and a Spade by leading toward dummy while he still has the Queen of Diamonds as an entry. There's nothing he can do if South has the King of Clubs and North has the Ace-Queen of Spades, so he must assume the best.

Declarer wins the Ace of Hearts and immediately leads his Spade. If South plays the Ace or 7, declarer will get 1 Spade. If he plays the Queen for some reason, Katy bar the door. Declarer would win the King, force out the Ace, and later return to the Queen of Diamonds to run the rest. Let's assume South isn't suicidal, so plays the 7. 

Declarer wins the trick and realizes that he can get no more. He leads a Club to the Queen, returns to the Queen of Diamonds and leads another Club to repeat the finesse. He gets 1 Spade, 2 Hearts, 3 Diamonds and 3 Clubs for his contract.

Let's suppose that East can't resist opening 2 Clubs. West responds 2 Diamonds and East rebids 2 Hearts. West will rebid 2 Spades to indicate that he has the points for game, but is uncomfortable with Hearts. With only a 5-card suit, East will take the warning and rebid 3 No Trump with the same results as above. 

South opens 1 Spade and North reevaluates  to 10 points (6 HCPs plus 1 for 4-card support and 3 for the singleton) and raises to 3 Spades. South reevaluates to 18 points and raises to game. It makes with an overtrick for the top. Good job, Connie!

Do I hear the Reevaluation blues playing in the background?

The computer says that it can make 4 Hearts. Can we bid and make it?

North opens 1 Heart and South raises to 2 Hearts with his flat 9 points and 3-card support. North reevaluates to 18 points, invites with 3 Hearts and South raises to 4 Hearts with his maximum. So far, so good, but can we make it?

East will probably keep his honors behind declarer and lead the 9 of Spades. Declarer stops to count and plan. He sees only 5 top tricks; 1 Spade, 1 Heart, 1 Diamond and 2 Clubs. He sees 3 or 4 more Hearts, and perhaps another Spade. He sees 1 or Spade losers, 1 or 2 Heart losers and a Diamond loser. He sees no way to dodge the Diamond loser and a Spade loser, so must play the Hearts for only 1 loser.

Declarer plays a low Spade from dummy, West puts up the Queen and declarer takes the Ace in hand. He cashes the Ace of Hearts to protect against a singleton honor and then leads toward the Queen. East takes the King and leads another Spade toward partner. West takes the King and continues with another. Declarer takes the Jack of Spades in hand, leads to the Queen of Hearts in dummy to clear the trumps and cashes his winners for 10 tricks. Yes we can!

West opens 2 No Trump and East stops to count and think. She sees 4 HCPs opposite 20 or 21 points and looks for extra values to convince her to raise to game. She doesn't see anything extra and decides that pass is the prudent action. Then she thinks that Dave is always pushing us to play 3 No Trump, so she'll make him squirm for a change. She bid 3 No Trump and I did squirm, but, thank goodness, it made. Good job, Rosemarie!

South opens 1 No Trump and North responds 2 Clubs, Stayman. South rebids 2 Spades and North rebids 3 No Trump. It makes with an overtrick for the top. Easy peasy!

East opens 1 Diamond and West responds 1 Spade. East raises to 2 Spades to show 4 Spades and 13-16 points. West reevaluates to 14 points and raises to 4 Spades. It makes for a good score and 3 pairs found an overtrick for a better score. I was lucky enough to be doubled for the top.

West opens 1 Diamond and East responds 1 Heart. West rebids 1 Spade, planning to rebid the Diamonds next time, if necessary, to show his 6-4 distribution. East stops to reevaluate and think. If he decides that his Hearts are self-supporting, he counts 18 points and goes straight to game. If he worries that partner may have no Hearts and only 13 points, he may downgrade and invite with 3 Hearts, promising 10 or more points and at least 6 Hearts. 

Fortunately, West has a strong hand and will raise, so they get to game regardless. The one thing East cannot do is rebid 2 Hearts. This is the classic "I don't like either of your suits and have only 6-9 points. I do have a 6-card suit though, so please pass".