Slow Play and Noise

Hi All,
There are several ways that everyone can help things run better. One is maintaining a smooth progression through the movements. The way we are moving is most efficient, but we usually have several slow pairs. I don't like to rush the bidding and play, but I would like to reduce wasted time to the minimum. One way is for players to follow the club rule and save hand analysis for Another is to be aware when you are behind. Signs are empty seats at your next table, players hanging about waiting for your table and tables asking to have the boards you've played so that they can start the next round.

When you realize that you are behind, you should of course stop the chatter and tend to business. We also have the system of sorting cards when you are ahead and not sorting when you are behind. The idea is to use your waiting time to sort the cards and help slower tables get going faster. When you are behind, just shove them in the board and move on. The only option that I have to speed up slow tables is to order no-plays. No one likes that.

Another factor is noise. With full attendance in a crowded room, the noise is excessive. Players keep trying to pass the responsibility for this to me. They suggest that I should change this or that so there would be no noise. The fact remains that the players are making the noise. The problem will continue, no matter what I do, until the players decide to follow the Golden Rule and be more considerate. You have developed a group dynamic to minimize other types of bad manners. You need to work on this.