19 July 2024

 Yes   there was no game the 19th.  I am posting because I forgot to hit Publish button on July 18th, when I sent it to website about 11 in Morning on 18th after Marion Barron brought me my computer!

The results of the July 17th game are going to be here, and on July 18th.  I am sorry.  i was in the Hospital overnight.  they did all tests imaginable to find out why I have had 3 dizzy spells.  I am basically healthy. Enlarged heart, could be congenital (my niece has one), and could be stress induced, or medication induced or improper thyroid functioning(I have a bad thyroid), nothing serious.  Can be controlled. 

OOPS  I see we played 9 rounds everyone played everyone else and we played all 27 boards, despite what the dizzy director says below!


17 July 2024 - Posted 18 July

 17 July 2024  - We had a fun game with some new couples, but not new people.  Partners went on vacation or took a sick day!  Lovely hot weather!  You director had a dizzy spell (aren't all directors dizzy?) and was late in posting this due to a trip to the ER to find out why she is having dizzy spells so frequently! Actually we all played 24 boards, 27 boards were available. We missed playing one pair.

All of you are winnners! but our top 4 teams were Jack and Suzanne, Paul and Susanne, Dave and Mary Lynn, and Bonnie and Jane!  Congratulations to all of you!  Opps  Sid Labonte played.  I was so dizzy, I forgot to update her from Gordon to Sid.  Please accept my apology.